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In internal combustion engines with pistons, the camshaft is used to operate poppet valves.

It consists of a cylindrical rod running the length of the cylinder bank with a number of oblong lobes protruding from it, one for each valve.

For this reason, the camshaft is connected to the crankshaft either directly, via a gear mechanism, or indirectly via a belt or chain called a timing belt or timing chain.

Direct drive using gears is unusual because of the cost.

The cam lobes force the valves open by pressing on the valve, or on some intermediate mechanism, as they rotate.

Camshafts can be made out of several types of material.

Our porn games selection is huge, with everything from life-like, realistic virtual 3D Porn Games to more cartoonish Hentai Sex Games drawn in Japanese style anime.The relationship between the rotation of the camshaft and the rotation of the crankshaft is of critical importance.Since the valves control the flow of the air/fuel mixture intake and exhaust gases, they must be opened and closed at the appropriate time during the stroke of the piston.The frequently reversing torque caused by the slope of the cams tends to cause gear rattle which for an all-metal gear train requires further expense of a cam damper.Rolls-Royce V8 (1954) used gear drive as, unlike chain, it could be made silent and to last the life of the engine.

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  1. Only have one example......................................., French & Indian War period hoe, 5" blade, 1.25" socket, found within three miles of the fort, early crude blacksmith marks, good form and firm metal...................................................., This style as used from 1740 - 1830, 9" X 8"X 6" overall.