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Released in 2007, hit puzzle game Peggle stormed the market casualowy conquering consecutively platform PC, Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and smartphones.Success has encouraged developers from the studio Pop Cap Games to create several side views of the cycle eg Peggle Nights , and sometimes also a full-fledged sequel.Connect your computer to lan 4 port on the secondary router and allow it to connect.Connect to the web UI of the secondary router (see your secondary routers user manual for details of how to access).To eliminate the second router we need to bypass its Wan section and essentially turn the device into a network switch with a wireless access point Note for this tutorial modem/router will be called – primary router wireless router will be called secondary router Cables used should standard network patch cables cat 5e 0r cat 6, new routers and modems can detect the type of cable and correct as needed.CAT 5 cables can only be used for 10/100 ethernet connections.

Then go to the DHCP section of the secondary router and click the radio button etc that says enable/disable DHCP server, ensuring the DHCP server is disabled. Disconnect your computer from the secondary router, and power off both the secondary router and your computer.

This tutorial is for those people that have an ADSL modem/router and wish to add a wireless router, this tutorial sets the primary router as the control device and sets the wireless router as a switch and wireless access point (removing control and extra abilities of the wireless router) Note for airport Extreme users, the airport extreme auto senses dual routers and will switch its self to bridge mode thus not requiring the following set up.

This tutorial does not apply to cable modem users, with the exception of Big Pond cable customers with an SBG900 modem which is also a wireless router.

Cable modem users can just go out and buy a wireless router and connect it to their modem and it should just work without issue.

If you wish to let the wireless router have control and just turn the modem/router into a basic modem try this tutorial instead.

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