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Dukowski left the band, but stayed on to co-run SST.

Eager to get back in the studio but still without a bassist, Ginn took on bass duties under the pseudonym "Dale Nixon" and practiced the new material with Stevenson up to eight hours a day, teaching the drummer to slow down and let the rhythm "ooze out" at a pace Stevenson was unused to; The dark music on My War lacks the humor and fist-pumping anthems that lightened up Damaged—no longer the snotty-nosed punk approach of the Keith Morris era, the band now focused on gloom, depression, defeatism, and aggression. Ginn's "Can't Decide" follows, a gloomy ode to frustration: "I conceal my feelings / So I don't have to explain / What I can't explain anyway".

The album never materialized, and the heavily bootlegged demos have never been officially released; re-recordings of several of the tracks from the session were to feature on My War and other later albums.

The line-up did not last long—frustrated with the band's legal troubles, Biscuits left Ginn had been frustrated with Dukowski's sense of rhythm, and in Germany during a European tour in 1983 gave Dukowski an ultimatum to quit, or Ginn himself would leave.

The double album Everything Went Black—a compilation of earlier, unreleased material—appeared from SST in 1982 without the band's name on it.

Unicorn's bankruptcy in 1983 freed the band from the injunction.

Dukowski's "I Love You" parodies pop ballads with lyrics of violence and dysfunction in a relationship gone wrong.

MCA label president Al Bergamo halted the release after hearing the record, calling it "anti-parent" copies of Damaged and adorned it with a label displaying Bergamo's "anti-parent" quote.

Legal troubles erupted when SST claimed unpaid royalties from Unicorn and Unicorn successfully counter-sued, resulting in five days in jail for Ginn and cofounding bassist Chuck Dukowski and an injunction prohibiting the band from releasing material under its own name.

On the B-side are three tracks in a sludge metal style, each breaching six-minutes with ponderously slow tempos and unrelenting dark lyrics of self-hatred.

The band members had grown their hair long when they toured the album in 1984, further alienating their hardcore skinhead fanbase.

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Ginn and Rollins share credit on the metallic "Forever Time" and the noisy "Swinging Man".

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