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While the INFJ values sharing deep bonds with people, they often struggle with opening up themselves.So even though they are the person who will coax the truth out of others, they are intensely guarded about their own emotions.They are willing to reach out to others and help guide them through their struggles.The INFJ is a natural support system for the people around them, often capable of making them feel understood and appreciated.

This of course is a very confusing and paradoxical combination for the INFJ.

They need to be alone to recharge and often needs large quantities of alone time to feel fully like themselves.

At the same time the INFJ craves being around people and loves to be able to connect with others.

They understood others very easily, but struggle with sharing themselves completely with people.

The INFJ wants to be understood, but often fears what it will mean if they open up to people.

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Their complexities are what makes the INFJ such wonderful and rare individuals, but that doesn’t mean those qualities are not a struggle for them sometimes.

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