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Be sure to take some precious pictures of the parents giving their baby sweet kisses!

Sources Christine Naomi Photography Jean Smith Photography Cassidy Brooke Jean Smith Photography Shanna Michelle Photography – Take some close-up shots of a newborn in their parent’s hands!

Remember they are only this small for a short time, so be sure to capture their petite size!

It’s this short time period that the parents of the newborn will want to remember forever.

Here are some of our favorite pose ideas for a newborn photography session…

– There is nothing as sweet as a new family member!

We absolutely ADORE the precious sibling poses above!

This Newborn Hammock with your little one will have you all heart eyes!

Sources Christine Naomi Photography Courtney Leigh Photography Jami West Photography Jean Smith Photography Melissa Taylor Photography Kelsy Nielson Photography – Capture the love between the new parents in your pictures!

Sources Hart to Hart Photography Love Bud Photography Cassidy Brooke Love Bud Photography Heather Telford Photography Kristen Vincent Photography – Capture the joy of the new parents by having them smile at the camera with their darling baby!

Sources Christine Naomi Photography Rachel Nicole Photography Eye Wander Photography Jean Smith Photography Chelsea Lee Photography Zwart Fotografie – Who doesn’t love kissing a a squishy newborn?!

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