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And yet, as a result of feminism, most women simply have no CLUE how to treat a man with respect.Until this book was written, the only way to get “relationship-worthy” women to treat you right long term, in other words, to be great girlfriends, was to simply DUMP 99.99% of the women you date, through the most stringent screening process, leaving you with the incredibly rare ones who were compatible.Some men are visual learners, some men need to get a “feel” first, some men need to hear it, some men learn best in a very indirect way that captures their imagination, and others need to dive right in.Some men learn best sitting down, others learn best going for a walk and discussing at the same time.That’s because attraction is its own thing;it is an EMOTION that is triggered, and once triggered, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.With all that being said, having the REST of your life going well HELPS.There is simply NO WAY ON EARTH that I could have reached this level of understanding and skill if I did what all the other guys in this field do, which is basically come up with marketing angles all day long.

My free newsletters have been known to give away more valuable content than the entire programs from most others in this field. I know full well the pain of NOT having success with women.Over the years, I realized that being successful with women really doesn’t require you to be ANYTHING else.You can be HOMELESS, you can look like ANYTHING, and STILL attract the most magnificent women. Just look around and see how many women are with guys that you think “make no sense” for them to be with.These special techniques, insights, and strategies are ones that I personally have found to be the most helpful, and they are all PROVEN to work.From how to become TEN TIMES more efficient and productive, to how to skyrocket your discipline, to how to motivate yourself like never before and how to STAY motivated, to how to CHANGE habits or develop new habits, this special section of the book too is worth its weight in PURE GOLD.

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