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I have seen them occasionally used like that in a conference speech setup, but never recording a large symphony orchestra! The mics were crossed at 65 degrees (at the capsules) and positioned on a tall stand about a metre behind the conductor. for both the AKG C747 and the current model the C747 11.(Frequently used as spot mics but certainly not as the main pair! It is interesting to note that in the C747 11 literature various instrumental applications are also illustrated.I recently acquired a well-matched pair of old C747s and it occurred to me that although advertised as having some ‘shotgun’ characteristics, these neat little condensers do in fact behave pretty much the same as any other hypercardioid microphone.I therefore wondered how they would get on as a crossed stereo pair. To get the full effect of this recording you need to download it in full resolution and play it on speakers at the sort of volume that will really annoy your neighbours!The player s task is firing balls in such a way that falling down all the orange pegs netted on the board.Depending on your skill and luck, you can activate with the various types of power-ups and bonuses.C747-manual AKG_C747_Service_Documentation AKG_C747V11_Manual AKG_C747V11_Polar_Patterns AKG_C747V11_Cutsheet N. When working close up he ‘Always found them a bit too bassy ‘ !1980's Microphone, Conference/Podium Microphone, Microphone Tech Specs, Microphone techniques Ancient & Modern, Presidential Microphones, Recording in stereo, Stereo Microphone Techniques, Stereo Pair, Uncategorized, Vintage Brochures and Tech Specs If you are looking for a small diaphragm condenser microphone that will add extra sparkle to your high end, more presence to your mids, and greater weight to your bass………… However, if you are looking for an accurate microphone which simply reproduces what it hears, then the Oktava MK-012 is definitely worth considering.

Either way these are fabulous, unobtrusive, little mics that will blend seamlessly into almost any situation! The Hi-Pass filter on these mics is hidden away in the XLR plug (also containing the mic preamp) I included this last photo because, in conversation with the previous owner, he told me that he never realised that the 747 had a hi-pass switch!!I bought a matched stereo pair about 10 years ago (direct from Oktava) and they have earned me more money than any other mics I own!I have used them on hundreds of live shows for many different purposes, including drum overheads, hi-hat, Latin percussion, grand piano, acoustic instruments, and as ambient mics.In addition to the campaign mode consisting of 60 challenges and 60 single planszami, Peggle 2 offers multiplayer Peg Party in variants four- Competition , or Duel available as a free DLC.Developers from the company Pop Cap Games have taken care of a good portion of news.

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