Dating a druggie

The head RA Hillary has a crush on Lloyd, but Ron doesn't think it's a good idea for Lloyd to hook up with her.

Marshall inspires a boring History teacher to revamp his teaching style, with cringe-worthy results. Steven convinces her to break up with Eric, but feels guilty and helps Eric win her back.

It revolves around Lloyd getting into a fight with Kieran, the star student of his acting class, and deciding that he wants to experience real life.

So, Steven and Lloyd go to a bar and end up in a fight with some working-class men, which impresses Kieran when Lloyd tells him about it.

Meanwhile, Ron brings up a whole keg of beer and urges his suitemates to help him finish it.

Marshall is reluctant to let his parents know that he isn't a business major. Rachel has to face the wrath of her control freak mother. The DVD contains the script to an unproduced episode, "Lloyd's Rampage" (written by Lewis Morton), which was written for the show's second season.

Despite his less-than-stellar work ethic, he is Mr.

A celibate geek in high school, Steven has a particular affinity for The Matrix and The X-Files.Despite constantly picking on Steven, Lloyd is very protective of him and usually tries to look out for his best interests.Due to his popularity with women, Lloyd often serves as an adviser in romantic affairs to all his suite mates.He has a big crush on Rachel, but never has the courage to ask her on a date.When first shown on network television, many episodes were aired out of order, much to Apatow's dismay.

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