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Alteryx apparently purchased the data from Experian's Consumer View marketing database, a product sold to other companies that contains a combination of publicly available information and more personal data.Neither Alteryx nor Experian responded to a request for comment.Many people with epilepsy and their families worry how epilepsy will affect day to day life.Just as epilepsy is different from one person to the next, managing and coping with the condition is different for everyone.Getting a diagnosis of a long-term condition such as epilepsy can be a shock, and take some time to adjust and possibly affect your physical and mental health.It can also affect your relationships, home, career and finances.In a statement to Forbes, Alteryx said the database had been secured, and it downplayed the leak's severity."Specifically, this file held marketing data, including aggregated and de-identified information based on models and estimations provided by a third-party content provider, and was made available to our customers who purchased and used this data for analytic purposes," Alteryx said."The information in the file does not pose a risk of identity theft to any consumers."Experian struck a similar note in response to Forbes' query about the leak."This is an Alteryx issue, and does not involve any Experian systems," a spokesperson said.

Speak to the doctor before starting any complementary therapies; herbal medicines, homoeopathic substances and supplements such as Gingko Biloba, St Johns Wort and Evening Primrose Oil.Some people may feel relieved with a diagnosis because it can sometimes take a long time to get an accurate diagnosis. There may be challenging times ahead, but adopting certain strategies and knowing that you are not alone can help you cope in the best way possible.Experiencing a range of emotions is quite normal, but you should watch out for signs of depression.Self-management is the way forward and it will enhance better disease management and control.Taking an active approach to managing your epilepsy can give you confidence when it comes to discussions with the doctor or decisions about treatment.

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If at any stage you begin to feel overwhelmed, seek help immediately.

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