Hibernate update not updating

Each change set has an “id” and “author” attribute which, along with the directory and file name of the the change log file, uniquely identifies it.

This layer will use Hibernate API to interact with database. In our application we will have a Service interface called Contact Service.In NH 2.1.2 GA I preferred the Fluent configuration rather than the XML-based HBM files, which has been replaced by Loquacious. (You can read more on Loquacious here and here.) You start with classes which represent a table (or view), and class maps that define the mapping of table fields to class properties: Class maps require the inclusion of NH namespaces NHibernate. File: src/main/java/net/viralpatel/contact/form/package net.viralpatel.contact.form; import javax.persistence. You may want to edit the driverclass and dialect to other DB if you are not using My SQL. The dynamic-update attribute tells Hibernate whether to include unmodified properties in the SQL UPDATE statement.

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  1. We recommend that the MDM use the Server-Server sync protocol to get update metadata for updates reported from the client. The following diagram shows the server-server sync protocol process.