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Sarah has delivered violence prevention programs to over 100,000 students and parents, and has also trained hundreds of Granite State educators through the Governor’s youth violence prevention initiative.

• If your teen suddenly begins buying in to strict male and female relationship roles • If their partner uses put-downs and belittling, even in a joking way • If your teen is pressured to engage in behaviors or activities they don’t feel comfortable with Many teens in abusive relationships report that the emotional abuse can be the most devastating and undermining to them.

Keep the focus on how much you care about them and how they have the right to be safe and healthy.

If you suspect that your child is in an unsafe or unhealthy relationship, contact your local crisis center.

During this time, Emily has been delivering Personal Body Safety, Media Literacy and Healthy Relationship programming to thousands of students in the NH seacoast.

In fact, children who feel ashamed of their body or sexuality are less likely to report abuse and can be targeted as victims.Media can be a great conversation starter about relationships and expectations.Discuss the male and female stereotypes and positive or negative examples of relationships that you see in the media you watch together.When talking to teens about sex and relationships, talk about your values, expectations and concerns, but don’t make it “The Talk;” that makes everyone feel awkward and can make parents feel like they’ve failed if things don’t go perfectly the first time.Instead, incorporate conversations about their relationships into other conversations about how things are going for them. Be educated about what affirmative consent is and the consent laws in New Hampshire.

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