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Basically, they are records from the Swedish Lutheran Church.

The parish priest would visit each household once a year and record the vital statistics of each member of the family.

This new addition consists of some 1 million pages across 44 different Indiana newspapers.Genealogy In Time Magazine maintains the most complete list available on the internet of the newest genealogy record sets from around the world. US – My Heritage has added a collection of US high school and college year books to their holdings.In total, this new collection consists of some 36.2 million records coming from over 250,000 yearbooks.In total, there are some 84 million records in this collection.This collection from My Heritage can be searched by first name, last name, year of birth, place, residence and keyword. [Swedish Household Examination Books] A typical record in a Swedish household examination book lists the name, date of birth, date of marriage, move-in or move-out date and the date of death.

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