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First, I'll give you some background about the book.

I'm not "avoiding" marriage, I'm living my single life - fully and joyfully. )• Information about past relationships (e.g., how many sexual partners, cohabiting partners, serious love relationships? )• Outlook for the future (e.g., will you be married some day? ) Question #3: What (if anything) is missing from this list of topics?EXAMPLE #10The author acknowledges that some men have no desire to ever marry. His conclusion: "these two groups should do their best to find each other." What (if anything) is wrong with that? Yet your conclusion is that you hope we find each other?One possible answer (mine): Okay, author, let me spell it out. EXAMPLE #11The author notes that before he even started this project, he was confident about one of the things he would find - that the fear of divorce would be one of the reasons why 40 year-old men had never married. A funny retort I used for that question the other day was "No one's good enough for me" (which is true).If Weisman had interviewed me by phone, I think he would have asked me something like the following: How does it make me feel that my younger brother is married and I am not? I did own a home when I lived in Virginia, but I can't afford one out here in California.Here's my answer (and I think it is safe to say that it is not the one Weisman is expecting): It makes me smile. Now here's what I don't get to include in my response to the online survey: The place I rent is a beach house with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

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"I just wish," he adds, "that was the prevailing sentiment in our culture today, rather than what it is: that there is something wrong with you if you are not married or have never been married." If that is truly his wish, I think he undermines it at just about every turn of the page. " The author said he wanted to answer two questions for himself: 1. The "why aren't you married" question teeters on the assumption that if you are past a certain age and still single, you have some explaining to do. To me, the question is akin to the infamous "when did you stop beating your wife" in its presumption of wrongdoing.

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