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The application must be turned into the municipal clerk, county clerk, or county elections board by that date, or it can be mailed in and will be accepted if postmarked by October 12. Updated September 20, 2010 Another civil rights case has been filed against the Edison PD. 10-cv-2528), filed May 17, 2010, claims that Germe was subjected to two severe beatings at the hands of the Edison police during an arrest on May 20, 2008.If you live in Middlesex County, use this postage-prepaid application for English, this one for Spanish, this one for Chinese, and this one for Gujurati. It also claims that the police wrongfully exonerated the officers involved in later internal affairs proceedings.Journalists have also observed that he had an “abrasive style” during his tenure in Trenton and council persons have commented on his “arrogance.” According to the author of this site, Gonzalez threatened a citizen with a lawsuit “for asking questions about Trenton’s economic development activities, or lack thereof.” Threats like that will not go over here very well, especially considering the outspokenness and litigiousness of the township’s residents and employees.Finally, this post claims he often makes “disrespectful gestures” and “snicker[s]” during public council meetings.He also said a jury will have to decide whether Edison’s internal affairs procedure is fair to citizens, or leads to “intentionally turning a blind eye to Police misconduct.” Lastly, the judge said it was “clearly established law” that police cannot unjustifiably assault or injure a victim and that a jury will have to decide justification. While I have never met the man, I have to say that what I read about him gives me some concerns.

The judge’s opinion, dated last Friday but only released today, says that a jury will have to decide whether there was probable cause to arrest Ahmed, and whether Ahmed’s injuries came from a beating or a fall. The mayor has nominated Dennis Gonzalez as Edison’s new business administrator and the council confirmed him even before word of his nomination was widely known (although there has been speculation for a while).

His opponent, Anna Little, has no federal political experience, and ran with the support of Tea Party affiliated groups, who like her politics that tend too far to the right to match the educated, cosmopolitan constituency that is the 6th District. Congress (7, an innovative and experienced science teacher from Bridgewater for this seat.

His brief stint on Capitol Hill working for a California congressman gives him insight into federal legislative workings, but he is no Washington insider who has lost touch with everyday people.

His opponent, Leonard Lance, is a gentleman and independent thinker who will break from his party when needed.

But three big mistakes lost him our support: his NO vote on the health care reform legislation; at least two NO votes on stimulus spending to help end the recession and get America working again; and his praise of Chris Christie’s substantive budget decision and the means he uses to reach them.

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