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Alexander who was indeed a martyr Alexander II, Pope - Reigned 1061-1073 Alexander III, Pope - Reigned from 1159-81 Alexander IV, Pope - Reigned 1254-61 Alexander V - Pietro Philarghi, born c. Alexander was martyred in the Decian persecution Alexander, Saint (Patriarch of Alexandria) - Patriarch of Alexandria.

1339, on the island of Crete (Candia), whence his appellation, Peter of Candia; elected 26 June, 1409; died at Bologna, 3 May, 1410 Alexander VI, Pope - Rodrigo Borgia, born at Xativa, near Valencia, in Spain, 1 January, 1431; died in Rome, 18 August, 1503 Alexander VII, Pope - Biographical article on this seventeenth-century pontiff Alexander VIII, Pope - Pietro Ottoboni, born at Venice, April, 1610; elected 5 October, 1689; died at Rome, 1 February, 1691 Alexander, Saint (Bishop of Comana) - Called 'The Charcoal Burner.' Made bishop of Comana at the recommendation of St. Elected instead of the heresiarch Arius, who had been scheming to be made bishop. Alexander died in 326 Alexander of Hales - Biographical article on the first of the scholastic theologians to use Aristotelean principles in systematic theology Alexandria - Seaport of Egypt, on the left bank of the Nile Alexandria, The Church of - Founded by St.

Let your merciful ears, O Lord, be open to the prayers of your humble servants; and that they may obtain their petitions make them to ask such things as shall please you; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Amen Collect for Ordinary Sunday 6, A Prayer Book for Australia Compassion for Them: Click for Fr Hugh's sermon for Ordinary Sunday 5, February 4, 2018 Rumours, and A New Way Home: Click for Fr Hugh's sermon for Epiphany, January 7, 2018 Recalling our True Joy in God through Christ: Click for Fr Philip's sermon for Advent 3, December 17, 2017 Jesus as the source of authority for his disciples!

: Click for Fr Greg's sermon for Ordinary Sunday 4, January 28, 2018 Click here to download the pewsheet for Ordinary Sunday 6 (760 Kb....) The Bookroom pages now feature New Releases: at this location.

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Clare, and prioress of the Poor Clares at Monticelli Agnes of Bohemia, Blessed - Also called Agnes of Prague.

Poor Clare, prioress Agnes of Prague, Blessed - Also called Agnes of Prague.

the sharp point that terminates the stem on which the candle is fixed Altar Cloths - The custom of using three altar-cloths began probably in the ninth century, but at present it is of strict obligation for the licit celebration of Mass Altar Crucifix - The principal ornament of the altar Altar Frontal - An appendage which covers the entire front of the altar, from the lower part of the table to the predella, and from the gospel corner to that of the epistle side Altar, High - The chief altar in a church, raised on an elevated plane in the sanctuary, where it may be seen simultaneously by all the faithful in the body of the church Altar Horns - On the Jewish altar there were four projections, one at each corner, which were called the horns of the altar.981 Adam - First man and father of the human race Addeus and Maris, Liturgy of - Oriental liturgy, sometimes assigned to the Syrian group; sometimes to the Persian group Addresses, Ecclesiastical - Rules as to what is fitting and customary in the matter of ecclesiastical correspondence Adelaide, Saint - Or Adelheid.The widow of Otho, she died in 999 Adeodatus I, Pope Saint - Also known as Pope Adeodatus I, d. Augustine (372-388) Adeodatus (II), Pope Saint - Brief article on this Roman monk, opponent of Monothelitism, d. Called Adeodatus II to distinguish him from his predecessor St.Agatho the Wonderworker, a Sicilian believed to have been over 100 years old at the time of his election.He died in 681 Age, Canonical - Fixed by the canons, or law of the Church, at which her subjects become capable of incurring certain obligations, enjoying special privileges, embracing special states of life, holding office or dignity, or receiving the sacraments Age of Reason - The name given to that period of human life at which persons are deemed to begin to be morally responsible Agnes of Assisi, Saint - Brief biography of the younger sister of St.

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489) Academy, The French - Founded by Cardinal de Richelieu in 1635 Accident - The obvious division of things into the stable and the unstable Accomplice - A term generally employed to designate a partner in some form of evildoing Achilleus and Nereus, Domitilla and Pancratius, Saints - Roman martyrs who shared a feast day on 12 May Acolyte - A cleric promoted to the fourth and highest minor order in the Latin Church, ranking next to a subdeacon Acta Pilati - The Gospel of Nicodemus Acta Sanctæ Sedis - A publication containing the principal public documents issued by the Pope, directly or through the Roman Congregations Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Baron Acton - Biography of the historian best-known for his view of the corruption power causes Acts, Human - St.

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