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Partners in Health and Wellbeing provides therapeutic services and other mediation services for individuals, groups and families.We like to say that our therapeutic modalities are “eclectic,” which basically means that we vary our approaches based on the needs of the clients.EMDR has been studied as an effective tool for treating combat veterans, survivors of abuse, sexual violence, and other traumatic life events.EMDR can also be helpful for people struggling with low self-worth or insecurity stemming from other or even unknown sources as well.Partners in Health and Wellbeing offers Oriental Medicine at our Wilmington location.Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to treat many different issues for our clients.

These chemicals, known as endorphins, are instrumental in producing healing effects.

They are scientifically documented to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation, regulate the immune system, and produce a general sense of well-being.

Acupuncture, which originated over 2000 years ago in China, recognizes that one’s emotional functioning is connected with one’s physical functioning.

In addition to handling negative issues that may arise in our erotic journeys, sex therapists also work with clients on sexual health and wellness.

Couples who are doing well in their relationship but who seek to create more passion in their relationship, to “rekindle the romance and desire we used to have when we started dating,” or who wish for professional guidance and feedback on keeping their relationship fresh and exciting also seek and benefit from sex therapy.

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Sex therapists at Partners in Health and Wellbeing are trained in and comfortable working with members of the LGBTQ community, various relationship structures including consensually non-monogamous relationships, and in working in a culturally competent way with members of the kink community as well. PHW provides comprehensive services to LGBTQ clients in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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