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Little problem: SCOTUS may soon decide that the entire country is Right To Work ...

which would pretty much destroy closed-shop unions everywhere.

It’s super quick to join – you simply upload some photos and an optional bio, set your age and distance preferences, and away you go, swiping left or right on potential suitors.

They'll be very proud of all the bands from Scotland.

So this protest might turn out to be a tempest in a tin teapot that’s headed for recycling anyway. Business: Hello Moto Or, as Ed Mc Mahon could have put it, Heeeeere’s Flippy !! But if you could then make twice as many meals with a third of the waste and only need a quarter of the employees, you’d soon be ahead of the game.

OTOH, there is no reason that the whole fast food production area is not a small factory. There is almost no job done behind the counter that a basic machine could not do, from baking the buns to shredding the lettuce to assembling and wrapping the finished burgers. And making the ordering points self-select / self pay would eliminate robberies. “Black people can’t be racist” say the idiots, who have blindly redefined the term to suit themselves and enable the perpetual victim card. a special “no whites allowed” vacation retreat for Po C who need a break from dealing with white people.

I like the saying "Treat people the way you want them to treat you." I support that position in life, kindness definitely coming back!

more about Olga from Odessa I can assure you that I'm a real treasure).

We’ve also just launched our socials, giving you even more opportunities to meet other singles in Edinburgh.

Conferred with the hebrewe, and in certeyn places corrected as the text, and sens of the prophete popular version just prior to the translation of the KJV.

First English Bible with entire OT translated from Hebrew.

Millar Patrick reports that John Daye printed an English Psalter as early as 1559, but that it was never released.729) was Bishop of Lindisfarne, so perhaps there has been confusion with the Lindisfarne Gospels, although he had no apparent connection to any translations or codices.

King Alfred had a number of passages circulated in the vernacular around 900.980, created by the monks of the Abbey of Reichenau (a monk named Ruodprecht is mentioned in the original dedication) for Egbert, along with the Gospels in "Codex Egberti" and in "Codex Epternacensis"?

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Wire it across the reset switch and give it a thump when the server dies.

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