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Of all the worries you may have, do not worry if the wedding is "legal" if you have a marriage license and marry within the time frame of the license (at least 72 hours after it was issued, but within 30 days).Still other couples will opt only for a religious/spiritual ceremony - or a non-religious personal commitment marriage ceremony - without a marriage license.

The parent or guardian must bring your birth certificate 18 years.

There is a tendency for government to take over what it gets into.

However, the government can no more outlaw a minister or priest from conducting a marriage ceremony without government sanction than it could outlaw baptisms, confirmations or any other religious ceremony.

The parent or guardian must bring your birth certificate to prove parentage and ID to prove he/she is your parent. Your fiancee then has his/her signature notarized on the form.

A legal guardian must provide prove of guardianship. Go to the County Clerk's office and tell them you need an "Absentee affidavit" for a marriage license. With that, the other can go in alone for the license.

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