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Reactions to the scene were mixed, of course, because while #Team Ice And Fire fans got exactly what they'd been hoping for, there's also that whole aunt-nephew thing.

Meanwhile, there's a lingering question: what happens if Jon and Daenerys have a baby?

I quickly went into the bathroom before Aunt Val saw my boner and cummed two times before my hard-on softened.

So now you know a little more about Mom and Aunt Val. Mom and Aunt Val quickly left me and Dad alone to go pack their bags.

It was about a month before I left for college when Dad said that we should all take a road trip to a log cabin that we owned.I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples were hard and her tits were bouncing more than usual with every step she took. She doesn't have giant melons for tits like mom but has decent tits that are size 36B.Her tits aren't bigger than Mom's but her ass is definitely bigger than Mom's.She has 38C tits that get a lot of glances from men at the mall and a nice round ass.I discovered her tit size just two months ago when Mom left her bra on the bathroom floor.

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