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Having become the property of the Swedish monarch, for almost 100 years, the fortress at one point served as a prison of Jacob Kettler, the Duke of Courland (Western Latvia), one of the most outstanding rulers in the Baltic region of all time, who was captured by the Swedes along with his family.

Just like the Narva Castle, this one was captured by Peter the Great and has later become the property of the independent Estonia 200 years after, before once more falling into the possession of Russia.

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Numerous reconstructions have been undertaken during its existence, despite the constant owner swapping – after the Order, it was taken by Russians and then Swedes, who, under the supervision of the legendary engineer Erik Dahlbergh, have substantially increased the fortification’s and castle’s territory.

Not surprisingly, the “Friendship Bridge” was built between them, right across the border, with the intention to connect Russia with Estonia in particular, and Russia with Europe in general.Upon being in the arms of Russia and, later, Estonia, the Castle was heavily damaged after the World War II, which has led to numerous renovations that still take place to this day.This castle has been built on the opposite side of river Narva – directly facing the Estonian neighbour. Two fortresses that are situated right at the Russian-Estonian border, have been changing their owners during the course of history – Denmark, Sweden, Livonian Order, Germany, USSR, Russia and Estonia.Military conflicts, political prisoners, devastating damages and reconstructions, both of these brother-castles have played a key role in European history. Hermann Castle) has been laid in the 13th century when the Danes have built wooden fortifications.

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