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This scene also introduces Juliet's nurse, the comic relief of the play, who recounts a bawdy anecdote about Juliet at great length and with much repetition.In the meantime, Montague and his wife fret to their nephew Benvolio about their son Romeo, who has long been moping for reasons unknown to them.The scene is shifted from Renaissance Verona to ancient Rome; Romeo is Marius, Juliet is Lavinia, the feud is between patricians and plebians; Juliet/Lavina wakes from her potion before Romeo/Marius dies.Somewhat amazingly, Otway's version was a hit, and was acted for the next seventy years.Theophilus Cibber mounted his own adaptation in 1744, followed by David Garrick's in 1748.In 1750 came the so-called "Romeo and Juliet War," with Spranger Barry and Susannah Maria Arne (Mrs.Juliet is not inspired by the idea of marrying Paris in fact, she admits to not really having considered marriage at all.

" spoken by Juliet to the darkness ("wherefore" means "why" Juliet is lamenting that Romeo is a Montague, and thus her enemy).

Despite the good-natured taunts of his fellows, including the witty nobleman Mercutio (who gives his well known Queen Mab speech), Romeo resolves to attend the masquerade at the Capulet house, relying on not being spotted in his costume, in the hopes of meeting up with Rosalind.

Romeo attends the ball as planned, but falls for Juliet as soon as he sees her and quickly forgets Rosalind.

The chorus explains to the audience that the story concerns two noble families of Verona, the Capulets and the Montagues, that have feuded for generations.

The prologue also explains that the lovers' tragic suicides "[bury] their parents' strife." The action starts with a street-battle between the two families, started by their servants and put down by the Prince of Verona, Escalus.

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