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You will see a pane on the left, in which you should expand the Task Scheduler Library tree, followed by the Microsoft tree, and at the end the Windows tree.In that tree, you should find an entry for Time Synchronization.If these settings are not updating, it is possible that alarm_enrichment is not updating correctly.It's usually possible to get it working again by clearing it cached information and letting snmpcollector or other monitoring probe update it.This can also happen after adjusting a template - the template appears correctly, but the actual device profile remains incorrect.Snmpcollector's Time Over Threshold, (TOT), settings are stored in the alarm_enrichment probe and then populated in the admin console UI by ppm.Or during system implementation, you may want to check status information after you run Time Administration to verify that the process is updating time reporters as you expect.For exception time reporters, the Earliest Change Date should display the beginning of the next time period for the workgroup, and the TA Status should be set to The earliest addition or update to time-related data for a time reporter since the last Time Administration run. This date is a trigger for Time Administration's determination of a time reporter's period of interest.

For example, before running Time Administration, you can review a group of time reporters to see which members have the appropriate status settings to be processed in the run.For virtual servers the Hyper Visor kernel provides the time to the Virtual guest, sometimes this fails for unknown reasons and the Virtual guest then gets or sets the wrong time.The Windows Time Service is one of the services that should launch automatically in order to avoid incorrect time and date in a user’s computer, however, if that fails, you can run a command that triggers it automatically.so i got response as support ( CTZU: (0,1) ), and i enabled automatic time zone update (AT CTZU=1) before registration to the network, but still iam getting same time response(factory-programmed value update).By Default, the windows time (Win32time) is not set to Automatic unless it is joined to a Domain or becomes a Domain controller, as the operating system gathers its time from the BIOS on Dedicated hardware.

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