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The rate that you pay to process a credit card transaction is a combination of account for the largest portion of expense (about 75% - 80%) followed by the markup (about 20% - 25%).With that said, we help a lot of businesses here at Card Fellow that are getting hosed by their current processor, and their base costs are about equal to the markup they're paying.

Check out our information on interchange fees for more details on Visa, Master Card and Discover make money by charging assessments on every transaction involving one of their credit cards.

No fancy tiers, not qualification at the processor level -- just one simple rate that gets added to actual cost (interchange).

Interchange plus allows for interchange credits on refunded transactions.

Markups differ significantly from one processor to the next both by amount, pricing model and the types of fees charged.

These inconsistencies are why it's difficult to accurately compare credit card processing on the open market.

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In cases like this there's a lot of room for savings.

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